Business Self Storage In Newbury


At Newbury Self Store, we offer a wide range of easy-to-access business storage units at competitive rates.

We serve Newbury, Thatcham and the surrounding West Berkshire area and are able to meet the storage needs of all types of commercial businesses, public sector organisations, charities and special-interest groups.

Our modern, purpose-built self storage facility is located in central Newbury on the relatively traffic-free Hambridge Lane Estate.

Reasons To Store With Us

There could be any number of reasons why your business or organisation needs extra storage space. Some of the main ones are included here:

  • Paperwork and archive storage – Many businesses have large amounts of paperwork that they need to store for up to 7 years in order to meet HMRC or other regulatory requirements. We can store paperwork in a safe, dry environment.
    We can also provide racking so that you can organise and access file boxes whenever you need to.
  • Excess stock storage – If you are a business that sells a tangible product, whether retail, online or mail order, then you’ll need somewhere to store your stock. We can provide a storage facility to meet your needs that is accessible to you during opening hours.
    We can also take in deliveries for you, if you can’t always be here yourself for them.
  • Business equipment or furniture – You may be working on a project requiring extra equipment, but you have no space to store it in your regular work environment. You may have extra office furniture that you cannot fit into your office right now but will need in the future.
    We can store any of these items, short or long term.
  • Brochures and stationery – You may be looking to carry out a marketing campaign and need to store excess marketing materials that you can access regularly.
    We can store these materials in a dry environment for you to access when you need to.

Additional Reasons to Use Newbury Self Store

Racking – We can provide high quality ‘Unirack’ racking to your unit. The racking is ideal if you have large numbers of archive boxes that you’d like to store and access.

Deliveries – We can take in deliveries for you during opening hours, if you can’t be here yourself.

Lifting Equipment – We have a variety of lifting and moving equipment such as pallet trucks, flat bed trollies and step-ladders on wheels. The equipment that we have means that moving large items or items on pallets is neither difficult nor dangerous.

Safety – We employ a variety of measures in order to ensure security, including CCTV, a state-of-the-art alarm system linked to the police and reinforced steel entrance shutters, to give you piece-of-mind when storing with us.

Flexibility – If you choose to store with Newbury Self Store, you are not tied to a lengthy contract for business storage. We only require two weeks’ notice on your unit when you decide that you don’t need it anymore.

Storage Unit Size Guide for Business Storage – please see our advice table to give you an approximate idea of what size unit you may need:


(Approximate for standard archive boxes store in racked unit)




35 sq.ft


50 sq.ft


75 sq.ft


100 sq.ft


150 sq.ft

Come and see for yourself – If you’re looking for commercial self-storage in Newbury, we encourage you to visit and take a look at the units for yourself.